SUS 316 tip material properties


Stainless steel for medical use is made of SUS 316 which is alloyed, of 71.9% iron, 18% chromium, 8% nickel, 2% manganese and 0.1% carbon.



It is a stentimplantation material when they do procedure of inplant, artificial joint, disc



Fractional tip

* When using the tip, put light pressure, almost as if poking the skin.

* On areas that have wrinkles and serious pores, perform several times.

* When doing the procedure on the whole face, make sure to perform 2 times precisely.

* When performing the procedure around the eyes, be sure that the cream is applied on the eyebrows, if not applied; your eyebrows may burn during the procedure.

* For sensitive skin, perform the procedure after the cream is applied


Thermal tip

* After you have applied the cream on the face, rub from the bottom to the top of the face.

* When performing the procedure below the eyes, start from the inside to the outside.

* Press the “SHOT” button when the tip is in contact with the skin.

Original Tip

* Try to avoid the tip from making contact with the skin when using the device. Slowly and precisely!

* If the tip and the skin do not come in contact, there is not much pain.

* If the tip does come in contact with the skin, it may be more painful and the scar may cave in.

* Even if you see a bit of pigment on the skin after the procedure, there is no need to perform multiple times to remove them.

* The pigment will fall off with the callus as the wound heals.

* The penetration depth and the thermal damage is lower compared to other laser procedures, so it leaves almost no scar.

Plasma tip(Sold Separately)

When applied with delicate surgical hand piece, it creates a ombustion effect on the skin surface by causing small plasma sparks on the ellular tissue, maximizing the effect and minimizing side effects. 

Since diameter of the tip is very narrow, the process of the treatment is more safer and delicate.


fraxtional tip (2).JPG