Hyaluronic Acid Solution With Polynucleotide


The compounds contained in A FACTOR can provide an optimized source of nutrition for skin cells by applying the same ratio of amino acids in collagen proteins and the same amount of vitamins and minerals in the blood, creating a nutrition environment where each of the enzymes can have a compound effect.


A -FACTOR is a skin care product that contains more than 1.4 million tons of hyaluronic acid in optimum molecular weight for skin compatibility and PN that can help strengthen skin barrier extracted from salmon, as well as 50 kinds of efficacy are contained at optimized rates for nutritional supply, providing ample nourishment and moisture to the skin.


2. How many vials are in one box?


1 BOX is included 10 Vials.


 3.  A FACTOR Usage Period


A FACTOR  is used three times every first 15 days, and two times every month during recovery. Once the maintenance period is entered, it will be used once every two to six months.


4. How to Use A Factor



Basic Usage: A Factor + mts +injection


1. Cleanse your face and then wipe it with alcohol.


2 . Perform mts or injection.

(2ml is recommended for injection and 1ml for smearing)

3. Apply a mask pack.


Basic Usage2 : A Factor + mts


1. Cleanse your face and then wipe it with alcohol


2. Apply little by little and penetrate as much as possible into the skin.

3. Put a cool mask pack.


Basic Usage3 : A Factor + 31G Syringe


1. The focus is mainly on the forehead, eyes, front cheeks, and 60 places that are set as points.


2. Injection the A-factor with a 1cc syringe.


3. Put on a mask pack.

A-FACTOR (1 BOX = 10 vials)

  • [Precautions when using]
      1) When using cosmetics or after use, direct sunlight to use red spot, swelling or
      If you have any symptoms or side effects such as itching, consult a specialist.
      1) Do not use in wounded areas.
      2) Precautions for storage and handling
      3 ) Keep out of the reach of children
      4). Keep away from direct sunlight.

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