Beauty Monster BLACK 
Got upgraded from it's previous model Beauty Monster White .
Allows for more powerful and delicate procedures with wider range of power. Includes more tips for micro current treatment/ Device body is coated with (sf seal) to make the device look high quality 

The package includes: 
1. Plasma Tips: 10ea 
2. Thermal tip+Fractional tip set 


Eurupean plug 110- 220V, 24V- 1A
For Other plug (ex:  US, EU ) please leave an inquiry before purchase!



Certifications : CE, KC, FCC 




* After the procedure, stay away from the sunlight and spa for 3 days.

* If callus is formed, be careful that it does not fall off.

* When doing procedures like lifting, it helps to cool the area with an ice pack. (About 30 minutes to 1~2 hours depending on the person)

* Try to let the callus fall off naturally. If the callus is intentionally pulled out, it may leave a scar.

* For deep lesions, take time and perform multiple sessions. Do not try to finish the procedure in a single session.

* When using the probe, do not let it stay in one place for too long, always keep it moving during the procedure.

* When using the tip, operate shortly, several times and do not let it stay in one place for a long time.

* Letting the tip stay in one place for too long deepens the penetration depth and may leave scars.

Beauty Monster BLACK

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