Whitening, moisturizing, and water-light are all important, but their fundament is regeneration. If the regeneration happens correctly everyday before the symptom starts to get serious, then there is no need to go to the hospital to get laser or other treatments. In order for the regeneration to occur properly, the materials that proliferates the cells, materials that calms the scarred skin, and the materials that increases the moisture must go together in harmony. The Coatderm cream includes all these materials and as a regeneration cream, when in use, it improves the skin regeneration, and sustains the perfect skin condition. 

Coatderm Repair cream (validity2021.04)

$90.00 Regular Price
$27.00Sale Price
  • Apply the Coatderm cream in the morning and evening (right after washing the face) 

    If the skin still feels dry after putting on the Coatderm, then apply it once more.

    For very oily skins, there may be a temporary skin troubles, however, it is only a short term effect, so do not be concerned. If the symptoms become more serious, stop using the cream and consult with your doctor.

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