GZEL has been upgraded from it's previous model Black Beaty Monster. GZEL is a semi-wireless product and can be charged with a portable battery.GZEL has also 4 levels of F (frequency) and P (power) all together which makes it easily to use the device and perform the treatment.

The Package Includes: 
1. Plasma Tips 10ea.

2. Fractional tip+thermal tip set
3. Original Tips 10ea 
4. Mini Tips 10ea 

Mini Monster GZEL

  • Able to connect and use with cellphone batteries

    Includes Tips (plasma tips 10ea, fractional tip 1ea, thermal tip1ea, mini tips 30ea, original tips 10ea) 

    Body/cable/adapter/case/manual/Tip set

    European plug​​​​​ 110- 220V, 5V- 2A
    For American plug please leave an inquiry before purchase

    CE, KC, FCC, certified