User Agreement

Article 1. (Purpose)
The purpose of this Mediselor Corporation Member Agreement (the "Agreement") is to set forth rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the Company and Users in using electronic commerce related service (the "Services") where MSJOHN Cybermall (the ”Mall”) provided by Mediselor Corporation (the "Company") are accessed from one single account.
※ [Even when using PC communications or wireless for electronic commerce, the terms and conditions are to be applied as long as the properties do not conflict.]


Article 2.(Purpose)
①    Mall means a virtual place of business which the Company creates in order to transact products and services through communication devices such as computers, etc., in order for Company to provide products and services to Users. In addition thereto, it also means the business operator which runs the cybermall
②    "User" means Members and Non-Members who have access to the “Mall” and are provided with the Services by the “Mall” pursuant to this Agreement.
③    "Member" means a person who has registered as a member by providing the “Mall” with his/her personal information, continues to be provided with the “Mall” information and who can continue to use the Services provided by the “Mall”.
④    “Non-Member" means a person who use the Services provided by the “Mall” without registration as the Member.


Article 3. (Posting, Explanation and Amendment of the Agreement)
① The “Mall” shall post this Agreement, its business name, the place of business, the name of representative, contract information (telephone, fax, email, etc.) on the first page of its website so that Users can recognize them; provided, however, that contents of the Agreement may be seen by the Users in the page linked from the website.
② Before the user agrees to the Agreement, the “Mall” shall post or have a pop up briefly explaining matters regarding subscription withdrawal, shipping responsibility, conditions of refunds and so on provided in order to get agreement from the Users.
③ The “Mall” may amend the Agreement to the extent that such amendment does not violate relevant laws such as Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc., and Framework Act on Consumers.
④ In the event that the “Mall” amends the Agreement, it shall announce the effective date thereof and reasons for such amendment, along with the current Agreement on the first page of the website or a popup window from seven (7) days through one (1) day prior to the effective date.
However, if the Agreement is amended so that it is unfavorable to the User, they shall post an announcement 30 days within the notice period.
⑤ In the event that the “Mall” amends the Agreement, such amended Agreement shall apply to agreements executed since the effective date of the amendment and any agreement executed prior to such effective date shall be governed by a previous version of the Agreement prior to such amendment; provided, however, that in the event that a User who executed an agreement prior to the amendment conveys his/her intent to have such amended Agreement apply within the notice period pursuant to Article 3 to the “Mall” and obtains the Company's consent thereto, the amended Agreement shall apply.
⑥    Any and all matters not set forth in this Agreement and construction of this Agreement shall be governed by general custom of the trade and relevant laws such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.

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